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About Us

Tommydesign is headed by Tommy Petillo, a product and service designer who since 2009 has been delivering design led projects in the UK and in Europe. Tommy’s specialisation on dementia has seen him leading on innovative digital products such as Purple Alert (a mobile app for missing people with dementia) Dementia Circle (a service aimed at highlighting inclusively designed, dementia friendly products) and help prototyping digital tools for the Scottish Government. For the last decade, Tommy’s work within the design community in Scotland focussed on advocating the business value of design across sectors. Working with partners such as Analogue SocialCreative Scotland and Cultural Enterprise Office, Tommy is trying to establish the recognition of Design as a discipline at policy level and the creation of a Ministry of Design in Scotland. Tommy is originally from Rome, Italy but moved to Scotland in 2004, where he now lives with his family. 
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