I use design tools to help you and your clients achieve a joyful experience.

This is usually a mix of product, web and service design.

"Tommy re-designed our Dementia Dog website, applying his in-depth knowledge of supporting dementia through design to transform it into an engaging and user friendly experience. His creative and inclusive approach makes him brilliant to work with - always alert and responsive to our needs as a client. I can’t recommend him highly enough!"
Fiona Corner
Project Manager, Dementia Dog Project

I enjoyed working with:

Selected case studies I am proud of:

Dementia Dog Project

When it launched in 2013, the Dementia Dog Project reached international popularity almost instantly. The initial website was primarily built to explain the project development process and to publish the occasional blog post. I redesigned the website in 2016 and launched the latest in 2021.

The challenge:

The website information was obsolete and difficult to update.The website was text heavy and was not very responsive.

The opportunity:

Showcase the friendly character of the project, signpost users to the right service with minimum effort, both for users and staff.

Purple Alert App

Purple Alert is a free mobile app designed to help find people with dementia if they are missing.
I led the development of the app from the initial concept in 2015, through to the launch of Purple Alert 2.0. in September 2020.

The challenge:

Wearable technology works up to the point it’s left behind or it cannot be operated.

The opportunity:

Harness the power of communities for safer walking.

Included Design

Contract furniture can be designed inclusively. However the fine balance between inclusiveness and aesthetics can turn beautiful products into medical aids.

The challenge:

Fill the gap in demand for beautiful, inclusively designed furniture.

The opportunity:

Create a range of inclusive furniture using evidence based research and a user centred approach.

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